Release Date: April 24, 2019

Author: Stephanie Hoover

Softcover $17.99

Spiritualism and the Supernatural: An Entertaining Encyclopedia

PDF E-book $9.99

(retains softcover format and illustrations)

Spiritualism and the Supernatural: An Entertaining Encyclopedia for Believers and Skeptics Alike is a lively, contemporary take on a centuries-old fascination. Its 300+ entries range from 19th century Spiritualists to modern paranormal parlance. The encyclopedia approaches topics from multiple perspectives: neutral researcher, ardent believer and committed skeptic. This smartly written work appeals to everyone, and reads more like an entertaining history of the supernatural rather than the in-depth reference work that it is.

Stephanie Hoover is an author and researcher specializing in historical true crime and the 19th century Spiritualism movement. Her television work includes an appearance on Travel Channel's Dead Files, and research for a SyFy Channel special on the Kecksburg, Pennsylvania UFO incident. She is a popular public speaker and regular guest on radio and internet talk shows. For more information on Stephanie's books and events, or to book Stephanie for a presentation or media appearance, visit StephanieHoover.com.

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